My newsletters are not sent to all of my subscribers. I have 70,000 subscribers in my Magento database. After adding the template, then queuing the newsletter, schedule a date and time for it, it doesn't send out automatically at the scheduled date and time.

I have to login to admin and click "Send Newsletters", however when I do it only sends the newsletter to 40 each time. It's very long-winded to send to 70,000 subscribers like this!

I've looked at the settings and the Magento cron job is working fine, it just doesn't send to more than 40 subscribers.

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    Hi. Not shouting !!! Sorry typed with caps lock on! Sorry. Feb 2 '16 at 10:33
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    better now ... :) Feb 2 '16 at 10:36
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    @HassanHafez always a good idea to proof read things before saving :)
    – scrowler
    Feb 2 '16 at 10:37
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    Hi Robbie. Thank you for proof read my questions. I think is much better and make more since! :) I wonder if you could help with the solution too? @RobbieAverill Feb 2 '16 at 10:39
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    are you sure this is not a limitation at your SMTP gateway?
    – MagenX
    Feb 2 '16 at 11:59

Check app\code\core\Mage\Newsletter\Model\Observer.php, and see what's the value in your scheduledSend . The default is send 20 per queue per scheduler running. So you might want to override it properly in a custom module or app/local depending on the version you are using.

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