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Top new questions this week:

How can I access list of all products in Root Category in Magento2?

I've tried /catalog/category/view/id/2 and by url key all .html it works for child categories, but for Base Categories got 404 is there any way to do it without coding?

magento2 category  
asked by PD Sl Score of 1

Static content error magento 2.4

I have upgraded magento to 2.4.4 & now I am facing the issue mentioned below. Compilation from source /var/site/app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/web/icon-fonts/README.txt failed Magento\...

magento2 static-content  
asked by Devhs Score of 1

observer not working on the stock sources selection in magento 2

When i select stock sources then my observer(catalog_product_import_bunch_save_after) is not working but when i import by products entity type then this observer is working. how can get data at the ...

asked by Vipin Kumar Score of 1
answered by Sathya Score of 0

Is it possible to change "Shipment Email" settings so that emails are sent out one by one with a 5-second delay?

If we make a "Print shipping label" for several shipments at once, then Magento sends "Shipment Email" to all these customers at once. The terms of our service provider do not ...

asked by Kaarilotta Score of 1
answered by elburro1887 Score of 0

Magento 2: Add class to body from PHP

I need to create a extension which adds a class to the body tag. The class should be defined in the magento 2 backend in the extension settings. How can I do this?

magento2 php class  
asked by Black Score of 1
answered by Sukumar Gorai Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed

What is the error message: Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed Is it related to in Magento 2? And how can this problem be fixed?

magento2 theme configuration troubleshooting  
asked by hakre Score of 84
answered by hakre Score of 33

magento 2 admin url not working and loaded frontend is all messy

Admin url is showing 404 error after installing magento 2 on wamp server and frontend design is all messy and css is not linked to it.Error visuals are shown below. Frontend error:

admin magento2 css frontend install  
asked by Arun Pal Score of 34
answered by Anil Suthar Score of 74

PageSpeed Insights "Leverage browser caching" Google Analytics

I'm trying to get my load times down using Google PageSpeed Insights as one of my tools. I noticed that there are 2 files that it keeps complaining about: Leverage browser caching Setting an ...

asked by SR_Magento Score of 7
answered by Rob Mangiafico Score of 6

How To add JS file in frontend for all pages

I've read 3 pages of Google Results on how to load a JS file for all pages and still am not able to do it. I've got a few doubts, hope somebody can clear them out. Do I need to create a module ...

magento2 javascript requirejs  
asked by Prashant Akash Score of 45
answered by Andrea Score of 84

Magento 2: Call a static block using xml

How i include a static block in a page using xml. For example i created a static block with identifier promo. In magento 1 we include a static block using below code <block type="cms/block" ...

magento2 xml custom magento2-dev-beta  
asked by Shaheer Ali Score of 27
answered by KAndy Score of 66

New order email confirmation not being sent

I have upgraded my website to 1.9.1 and now my customers are not receiving order confirmation email. I tried sending through the admin panel but nothing happens, also no update email is being ...

email upgrade cron magento-  
asked by user16826 Score of 100
answered by Kristof at Fooman Score of 96

Magento 2 - Remove and change footer links

I want to remove the default links of the luma layout and add new links. How can I do that?

magento2 footer  
asked by ClassMP Score of 32
answered by Mage Solution Score of 56

Can you answer this question?

How to add custom data with Category "getList" API?

I need to add product count with my category listing API response. I tried using Magento's default API rest/V1/categories/list with my searchCriteria I am getting category data below format. { &...

magento2 api  
asked by Prince Kumar Score of 1
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