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Top new questions this week:

Checkout current step callback

Is there a callback that can be used (where a mixin can be added) for when a checkout step is displayed? For example, there is the navigate function for each step that is called when the checkout is ...

checkout magento2.3  
asked by Marius 4 votes
answered by Marius 0 votes

Migrate from 2.2.1 to 2.3 CE

I have to redo a magento website from 2.1 CE to 2.3 CE. There are few orders with total sales of 230$. what is better to create from scratch and migrate customers and orders? or is there a way by ...

magento2 migration version  
asked by Amol Bhandari SJ 3 votes
answered by V Salvador 1 vote

Magento 2.3: Difference b/w Elastic search and Built-In search

I've searched about difference between Elastic search and Built-In search option available in the Magento search configuration but didn't find an answer regarding the same. I want to know the ...

magento2.3 elasticsearch  
asked by Sumit 3 votes
answered by Oscprofessionals 3 votes

Where does the whole email template in magento 2 being stored?

I would like to ask if where is the email templates in magento 2 being stored. The email templates are being saved inside magento admin so I am sure that it is being stored somewhere. Either in the ...

magento2 email-templates  
asked by Miguel Intoy 3 votes
answered by Piyush 1 vote

Magento 2.3 remove other shipping methods and enable only free shipping if the amount is more than 99

Tell me how you can hide the rest of the delivery methods and leave only free if the order amount is more than 99 I tried the implementation that is on the stack for lower versions, it either does ...

magento2 magento2.3  
asked by Паша Иванов 3 votes
answered by Kishan Savaliya 2 votes

Magento 2 Custom Module Cron Job often missed

I'm using Magento version 2.2.5 and I've created a cron job for my custom module, but it's often missed, first I setup the cron to run every 5 minutes <group id="default"> <job ...

magento2 cron magento-cron  
asked by jojo 3 votes

How can I add one image to ALL the products in Magento 2?

How can I add one image to ALL the products in Magento 2 ? I found an answer for Magento 1.9, but I need the code for Magento2. Not a placeholder, I already have several images on each product and I ...

magento2 product-images  
asked by Andreea Onica 3 votes
answered by Naresh Rupareliya NR 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed

What is the error message: Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed Is it related to in Magento 2? And how can this problem be fixed?

magento2 theme configuration troubleshooting  
asked by hakre 61 votes
answered by hakre 28 votes

How to disable Magento 2 reviews

I'm trying to disable the Magento 2 product reviews feature. I tried Disabling the Module at the Magento 2 admin Stores\Advanced\Advanced\Magento_Review but the reviews tab on each product is still ...

magento2 module admin review  
asked by Omry Zobel 23 votes
answered by MagePsycho 2 votes

How to use the new

I've generated a new Magento Connect key per the developer documentation instructions. How am I supposed to use this key? i.e., if I try getting info, I see the following. $ composer info ...

magento2 magento-connect  
asked by Alan Storm 55 votes
answered by Maddy 68 votes

PageSpeed Insights "Leverage browser caching" Google Analytics

I'm trying to get my load times down using Google PageSpeed Insights as one of my tools. I noticed that there are 2 files that it keeps complaining about: Leverage browser caching Setting an ...

asked by SR_Magento 7 votes
answered by Rob Mangiafico 6 votes

Magento 2: Replacement for Mage::log method?

In Magento 1, if you wanted to send a message to the logs, you'd use a static method on the global Mage class. Mage::log($message, Zend_Log::DEBUG, "my-log-file.log"); Is there an equivalent in ...

magento2 log psr-logger  
asked by Alan Storm 105 votes
answered by Pratik 125 votes

Magento 2 Allowed Memory exhausted error when compile code

I have error when i add module.. Please re-run Magento compile command so i run below command but also display error that below when run command from root, php magento setup:di:compile Compilation ...

php magento-2.0 memory code-generation  
asked by Khushbu Mehta 28 votes
answered by Rakesh Jesadiya 68 votes

What is the best strategy to integrate WordPress inside of Magento?

I am looking for the best way to integrate WordPress inside of Magento. First I would like WordPress to use the Header and Footer of Magento. Second, I would like it to be possible for a user to ...

magento-1.7 wordpress  
asked by jnbdz 22 votes
answered by Jacques Bodin-Hullin 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Magento 2.3 - How to pass array from controller to template

I am working on a custom module. I am getting array of attribute values in my custom controller and I want to pass these values in my template to list in a select dropdown. Please provide a solution - ...

magento2.3 controllers array custom-template  
asked by chanchal 2 votes
answered by Amit Bera 0 votes

Magento 2 Is there a way to use Cyber Source Fraud Detection for Braintree Payments instead of Kount?

We are using Braintree Payment Gateway and the Kount is out of the box feature of Braintree for Fraud Prevention and Detection. For some reason, we want to move out of Kount and use CyberSource Fraud ...

magento2 sales-order payment braintree cybersource  
asked by NIPPU 1 vote

Magento 2 Inject UI component(s) via ajax into adminhtml form

I've build a regular adminhtml form via UI component(s) including multiple fieldsets, input and select fields. All working like they should. Now I've created a so called 'Event' select field within ...

magento2 magento2.3 javascript uicomponent knockoutjs  
asked by Willem Poortman 2 votes
answered by Msquare 0 votes
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