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I have a page called hello.phtml, which resides in
I want to include this phtml file in the success page
i.e template/checkout/success.phtml
So I have create a block in the checkout.xml inside "checkout_onepage_success>" handle as..

<checkout_onepage_success translate="label">
    <label>One Page Checkout Success</label>
    <reference name="root">
        <action method="setTemplate"><template>page/2columns-right.phtml</template></action>
    <reference name="content">
         <block type="core/template" name="onepagehello" template="checkout/onepage/hello.phtml"/>
        <block type="checkout/onepage_success" name="checkout.success" template="checkout/success.phtml"/>

And this phtml file get rendered in the success page on the top of the page.
When I write getChildHtml(onepagehello); in the success.phtml page, then nothing came.
1.I want to know when the getChildHtml() works and when the direct block gets rendered ?
2.I want to use the "hello.phtml" as getChildHtml().So that I can put this block wherever necessary throughout the page.

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The layout is a hierarchy of blocks and getChildHtml() can only render the children of the current block.

Right now your hierarchy looks like this:

+-- content
    +-- onepagehello
    +-- checkout.success

but you need this:

+-- content
    +-- checkout.success
        +-- onepagehello

To add a new block to an existing parent block, use <reference>:

    <reference name="checkout.success">
         <block type="core/template" name="onepagehello" template="checkout/onepage/hello.phtml"/>
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Thank you for the concept @fschmengler.It worked.. I wonder where can I find these simple fundamental concept which makes the base of magento.. – Kishore Patra Jan 18 at 11:48
For fundamentals of Magento layout I recommend Alan Storms blog at You can also find a curated list of Magento resources at – fschmengler Jan 18 at 12:33
Thanks again for sharing the resources, @fschmengler. – Kishore Patra Jan 18 at 13:32
what u doing Fabian... you have impress me day by day..what explanation..:) – Amit Bera Jan 18 at 19:22

Just add element as="NAME" on your block like this

<block type="core/template" name="onepagehello" template="checkout/onepage/hello.phtml" as="hello"/>

you can call like this

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