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How can I change the title text on the invoice email?

I always get this in my email when I make an order,

XX Store: Invoice # for Order # 100000037

I want to remove the # after the word of 'Invoice',

XX Store: Invoice for Order # 100000037

Is it possible? where can I change it?

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Edit the template /app/locale/{lang_ISO}/template/email/sales/invoice_new.html and modify the first line:

<!--@subject  {{var store.getFrontendName()}}: Invoice # {{var invoice.increment_id}} for Order # {{var order.increment_id}} @-->.  

Make it:

<!--@subject  {{var store.getFrontendName()}}: Invoice for Order # {{var order.increment_id}} @-->

Do the same for invoice_new_guest.phtml

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thank you very much! :-) – teelou Jul 17 '14 at 10:52

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