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Suppose I have set following rules/prices set in Magento for product (all type)

1) Special price

2) Tier Prices

3) Catalog price rules

4) Group prices

Then which price will be having highest priority and which will be applicable to the product on adding to the cart?

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Go through this, it will give you detailed explanation on price calculations.. slideshare.net/ivanchepurnyi/… –  Kalpesh Mehta Jun 22 at 16:46

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Magento also give the highest priority as follow

1) Catalog price rules

2) Special price

3) Tier Prices

4) Group prices

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Good answer.... –  Amit Bera Jun 21 at 11:54
@Supravat Is this lowest to highest? –  Muk Jun 22 at 13:32
No. there are highest to lowest order. –  Supravat Jun 22 at 13:59

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